2022 ROV II at STARESO marine research station, Corse, France
Power demontation - ROV II pulling diver with full equipment
2022 ROV II, unterwater work at STARESO marine research station, Corse, France
2021 Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany
2022 ROV I & II, unterwater work at STARESO marine research station, Corse, France
2022 ROV I & II, at STARESO marine research station, Corse, France
Turning the central tube on the lathe
All ROVs and accessories are tested in a specially designed pressure chamber with >30 bar
ROV II with gripper
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Whether your goal is research, documentation or inspection, the most important information comes from the depths in the form of images and videos. This is where image quality is crucial.

However, in almost all ROVs on the market, the value of the actual camera is only 1-2% of the ROV purchase price. That is why in 2019 I started developing and building diving drones with high-quality cameras. These underwater drones are designed for smooth, controlled flight and are equipped with professional cameras to deliver brilliant images and videos of the underwater world. The SM Explorer II can be flexibly adapted to new tasks and is ready for your mission.

The United Nations proclaimed the Decade of Ocean Sciences. ScienceMedia aims to be engaged.



Nature documentaries demand highest image quality. As an experienced diver and underwater filmmaker, I have a feel for good camera technology underwater. This knowledge and experience was incorporated into the development and construction of the diving robot. Calm, controlled camera work with professional cameras delivers excellent images and films of the underwater world. The underwater drone SM-Explorer II is equipped with 3 cameras and can film and take photos in practically all directions. Cameras can be replaced as needed and lighting can be adjusted to suit different requirements.


Inspection & Monitoring

The SM-Explorer II is ideal for inspection, monitoring and similar tasks in marine and freshwater environments alike. The ROV is equipped with 3 light-sensitive cameras to ensure that no detail is missed. A gripper arm offers additional functionality. Further add-ons, such as sonar, can be integrated if required. The diving robot is ideal for economical use as underwater surveillance, inspection, location or recovery work and much more up to 300 m water depth.

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Underwater Research

As an experienced marine researcher and underwater filmmaker, I am intensely interested in marine and freshwater life. The purpose of the development of the SM-Explorer II underwater drone is to support research and documentation relating to climate change and environmental protection and the documentation of life forms and the largely underwater world. Given the rapid environmental changes currently occuring in the aquatic environment, we need to explore this largest habitat on Earth as quickly as possible, and this requires every appropriate technology available.

We are developing new technologies, e.g., to collect non-invasive DNA samples from marine animals.

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